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Nutrition Counselling

Holistic Nutrition consultations provide a natural approach to food and issues in the body that may be caused by or associated with an inadequate diet.  In Holistic Nutrition people are seen as individuals, therefore what is effective for one person is often not the same for another. Each of our bodies require that we consume a unique amount of vitamins and minerals to function optimally- this is different for everyone and depends on many factors including activity level, stress, emotions, genetics etc.  It’s very difficult to obtain all the necessary fuel requirements from food alone today, especially when one is not familiar with healthy food principles.

During a consultation appointment, information is collected and assessed, goals are discussed, and a dietary plan is formulated with recommendations to address imbalances based on the symptoms you are experiencing. As each person is unique, the number of sessions required is based on the severity of symptoms experienced, compliance and how the body responds to the individualized plan. Holistic nutrition is effective for many physical, mental and even emotional symptoms we experience as it targets the root cause of the symptoms and feeds the body the necessary nutrients so it can heal and re-balance itself.

75 minute initial consultation: $125 + hst

45 minute follow-up: $93 + hst​



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